We take a green coffee bean, responsibly sourced from Africa, Indonesia, South or Central America, and turn it into a delightful package of flavor enjoyed as the second most consumed beverage in the World!

Custom roasting wholesale and retail specialty coffee, since 2004, in the coastal town of Lincoln City, Oregon we love what we do and are addicted to sharing this passion of coffee with our customers. The quality of the beans, the attention to roasting, and the services and training we offer make the Mother Kracken and award winning Cape Foulweather Coffees surpass the standards!

At World’s Addiction, we are dedicated to creating the highest quality, fresh roasted, specialty coffees. Roasting next to the Pacific Ocean, we take pride in the integrity of our relationship with the environment and have standards, practices and equipment to reflect that intent.

Striving to be the best, not the biggest, we focus on the quality of every batch and it is our goal to share the simple pleasures of hand-crafted coffees with our customers, family, neighbors and friends. Enjoy!


Our Most Popular Coffees